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Aviation Safety's Guide to Proficient Flying

Aviation Safety's handbook Guide to Proficient Flying is packed with practical skills and judgment honing articles to keep you sharp. Proficiency is more than greasing a landing; it's knowing when not to take off. It's more than talking the talk with ATC; it's knowing how to listen. It's more than being able to program your GPS; it's knowing how to get down when the panel goes blank. Proficiency is being able to do it all.…

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Aviation Consumer's Annual Buying Guide

This annual guide gives you money and time saving recommendations for you and your plane plus our Gear of the Year winners.

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IFR Magazine Operations Handbook

IFR's Operation Handbook is chock full of valuable information on techniques, procedures, avionics, flight management, ATC and weather.…

On the Approach with IFR Refresher

Learn how to take IFR skills to a new and higher level. The best pilots realize their instrument rating is nothing more than a license to learn. And in ON THE APPROACH, you'll learn how to take your IFR skills to a new and higher level. In it, you'll analyze arcane approach plates. Fly complex procedures in turbulence and crosswinds. You'll sharpen your decision making skills. Hone your stick-and-rudder technique. Brush up on regs and…

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Are You Ready for Anything?

19 Proficiency-building exercises for VFR and IFR. Are you ready for anything? If you want to be the kind of been-there-done-that pilot who won't be flustered by anything Mother Nature, Uncle Sam, or the ATC can throw at you, you've got to read Richard Taylor's book Are You Ready For Anything! Are You Ready For Anything contains the nineteen most valuable exercises instrument pilots can do to stay on top of here game. From short-field…

Acing the Flight Review CD from Pilot's Audio Update

This 60-minute CD is a preflight check of your skills and knowledge. Whether your flight review is this year or next, you'll want to get your hands on this fact-packed refresher CD by Richard Taylor. "Acing the Flight Review" gives you the answers to the rough questions and discloses the measurements of proficiency to which you'll be held. With "Acing the Flight Review," you'll quickly polish your piloting skills and refresh your rulebook savvy.…