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December 7, 2008, Homestead, Fla., Cessna 208 Caravan

The flight was at 13,500 feet overhead the airport, preparing for the skydivers to jump. The pilot turned on the green light to initiate the jump. He then felt the aircraft shudder, but did not lose control of it. After most of the jumpers had left the airplane, one of the skydivers came forward and notified the pilot of damage to the tail. After a controllability check, the pilot landed the airplane without further incident.

October 7, 2007, Naches, Wash., Cessna 208B

At about 1959 Pacific time, the airplane collided with terrain and was destroyed. The commercial pilot and nine passengers sustained fatal injuries. Visual conditions prevailed at the nearest official reporting station; a ground observer noted instrument conditions prevailed at the accident site.

September 5, 2007, Cross City, Fla., Cessna 208B

At about 0533 Eastern time, the airplane impacted trees during a forced landing following loss of engine power. Visual conditions prevailed. The commercial pilot was not injured; the airplane incurred substantial damage. While in cruise flight at 11,000 feet, the engine failed without warning. The pilot declared an emergency with ATC and was advised the closet airport was on a heading of 080 at 29 miles. He turned toward the airport and went through the engine-out procedures. Attempts to restart the engine were unsuccessful. The pilot set up the airplane for best glide speed; the glide was approximately 22 miles.

July 31, Anchorage, Alaska / Cessna 207

At about 2013 Alaska time, a Cessna 207 on a Part 135 trip was damaged when it struck a fence in a football complex in Anchorage. The pilot and one passenger were not injured. One passenger suffered minor injuries and one passenger was seriously injured. The flight departed Tyonek about a half-hour earlier. The pilot said he was approaching the destination airport at about 800 feet msl when the engine began running rough. He attempted to restore power, but the engine failed completely. He noted a complex of athletic fields below, but all of the baseball fields were in use, so he elected to land on a track within a football stadium. During touchdown, the airplanes left wing collided with a c...

October 28, Marshall, Alaska / Cessna 207

At about 2000 Alaska time, a Cessna 207 struck terrain during cruise flight about four miles southeast of Marshall. The pilot suffered serious injuries. The airplane was equipped with Capstone equipment, which uses GPS, a terrain database and a multifunction display to portray terrain threats. The pilot said he was experiencing a strong headwind and turbulence and the Capstone display was almost completely red just before impact. The airplane was located about 1,200 feet msl on the north side of a 1,714-foot ridgeline....

May 24, Green Bay, Wisc. / Cessna T207A

At 15:50 CDT, a Cessna T207A flipped over while taxing onto runway 24 at the Austin Straubel International Airport. The pilot reported minor injuries. Winds reported just prior to the accident were from 310 degrees at 34 knots gusting to 47 knots. Another reading was taken as the accident was occurring reported the winds at center field from 290 degrees at 27 knots gusting to 44 knots, with winds at the northeast quadrant reported from 360 degrees at 28 knots. The tower issued a low level wind shear advisory....

July 4, Deadhorse, Ak. / Cessna 207

At about 19:10 Alaska time, a Cessna 207A was damaged during an emergency landing at the Deadhorse Airport, but the pilot was not injured. The pilot said he was in cruise flight about 10 minutes after departure when he noted a light sheen of oil on the windshield. He turned around but could not see through the windshield by the time he was about two miles from the airport. While the airplane was on approach to runway 4 the propeller rpm increased for about 20 seconds, then the propeller departed the airplane. The pilot glided to a landing at the airport. The propeller and engine crankshaft flange were located and sent to the NTSB metallurgical laboratory for examination. The airplane was equ...