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July 5, 2010, Marion, Ky., Robinson Helicopter R44

The helicopter collided with a guy wire at 1745 Central time and was substantially damaged by impact forces and post-crash fire. The commercial pilot was killed. Visual conditions prevailed for the aerial application flight. A witness heard a loud "pop", and turned, then watched as the helicopter became entangled in a guy wire before colliding with the ground and bursting into flames.

September 21, 2008, Kenosha, Wis., Robinson R44 II

The helicopter was destroyed at about 0538 Central time when it impacted an occupied house and terrain. Instrument conditions prevailed at the time of the accident; no flight plan was on file. The private pilot and a passenger were fatally injured; the five occupants in the house were uninjured. Earlier, witnesses reported hearing but not seeing a helicopter that sounded "really low." Reportedly, its "engine sounded like it was at low RPMs."

June 14, 2008, Missoula, Mon., Robinson R44 II

The flight instructor was having the student practice landing approaches. During a turn, the instructor noted that the helicopter was descending faster than anticipated, and that "the collective was too far down, the cyclic was too far back, and [the student] had a tight hold on both controls." The instructor struggled with the student for control of the helicopter for a period of 3 to 4 seconds. The helicopter landed hard, rolled onto its left side, and instantly caught on fire. Both occupants exited the right door. The helicopter was destroyed by fire.

April 28, 2008, Bartlett, Texas, Robinson R44

The helicopter was destroyed by a post-crash fire after impacting the ground at approximately 1045 Central time following an attempted takeoff from a private field. The pilot received minor injuries and the one passenger sustained serious injuries. Visual conditions prevailed. The helicopter owner had reportedly purchased the helicopter seven days prior to the accident. Additionally, the helicopter was previously owned by a flight school, and had been disassembled for shipment. The accident pilot reportedly bought the helicopter and a local mechanic reassembled it.

January 22, 2008, Ochopee, Fla., Robinson R44

The helicopter was substantially damaged at 1234 Eastern time when it collided with the ground while maneuvering. Visual conditions prevailed. The airline transport pilot and private-pilot passenger were fatally injured. A witness stated the helicopter had been practicing takeoffs and landings. He observed the helicopter at a hover; it then "went up very fast to an altitude of about 200 feet" and made a right turn in a nose-down attitude. The helicopter then rolled to the left and became inverted. The rotor blades stopped and the helicopter continued to roll left until it became right side up and descended in a nose-down, left turn colliding with the ground and catching fire, followed by an explosion.

November 5, 2007, Jamestown, Tenn., Robinson R44

The aircraft was destroyed in a post-crash fire, and its commercial pilot and two passengers were fatally injured at 1315 Central time when the helicopter collided with trees and terrain after takeoff from a creek bed. Visual conditions prevailed. The helicopter was operating from a creek bed oriented approximately north/south. The creek bed was about 70 feet wide, with cliffs and tall trees on both banks. A four-strand set of power lines oriented approximately east/west crossed the creek about 125 feet above the water. Several witnesses stated that the power lines were discussed with the pilot, either one-on-one, or in groups. The pilot assured one witness "it was safe."

January 1, 2006, Grand Ridge, Fla. / Robinson R44

At about 1900 Central time, the helicopter collided with trees and terrain. The helicopter was destroyed by impact and a post-crash fire; the Commercial pilot and two passengers were fatally injured. The flight originated about five minutes earlier from the parking lot of a nearby hotel. Instrument conditions prevailed. Witnesses reported to the Jackson County Sheriffs Office that the helicopter landed in a parking lot of a hotel and the occupants inquired at the hotel about the price of a room. After being told about the price the occupants walked to a restaurant located at a truck stop across the street from the hotel. The occupants ate at the restaurant, departed there and went to the he...

February 5, 2005, Minneapolis, Minn. / Robinson R44

At 1700 Central time, the helicopter collided with terrain following a loss of control while maneuvering and was substantially damaged. The Commercial pilot and two passengers were not injured. The pilot reported he was landing on a cart when the accident occurred. He reported the helicopter touched down, and he was attempting to raise the helicopter to center it on the cart, when a gust of wind caused the helicopter to roll to the right. The right skid contacted the ground and the helicopter came to rest on its right side. The pilot stated the cart is approximately six to eight inches high. He also stated that when the helicopter is centered on the cart there is approximately one foot of cl...

June 18, 2004, Killingly, Conn. / Robinson R-44

At 0324 Eastern time the helicopter was destroyed when it impacted trees and terrain near Killingly, Conn. The Commercial pilot and a Private pilot were fatally injured. Night instrument conditions prevailed, but no flight plan had been filed for the Part 91 positioning flight from Scranton, Penn., to the Theodore Francis (T.F.) Green State Airport (PVD) in Providence, R.I. Preliminary downloaded data from a handheld GPS unit found at the crash site revealed that the helicopter had departed Scranton at 0047. It then proceeded east, along Interstate 84, to Middletown, N.Y., turned southeast, along Route 17, then south, along Interstate 87. The helicopter subsequently passed Nyack, N.Y., cross...

June 27, 2004, Barnesville, Ga. / Robinson R44

The helicopter collided with trees and was substantially damaged at 0530 Eastern time during a cross-country flight from Greer, S.C., that had begin at about 0300 that morning. Instrument conditions prevailed but no flight plan had been filed. The flight instructor and two passengers were fatally injured. A witness reported hearing a helicopter over a residential area and, shortly afterward, heard an explosion. The helicopter was found engulfed in flames. Efforts by the witnesses to extinguish the flames were unsuccessful. No radio communication was received from the pilot prior to the accident....

Feb. 2, Palo Alto, Calif. / Robinson R44

At 14:37 PST, a Robinson R44 lost power during a practice autorotation at the Palo Alto Airport. The two occupants were uninjured. The pilot said he was performing an autorotation and that the engine had been at idle for a long period of time. He said he did not think he was going to make the runway and added power, but the engine didnt come on. The pilot said he did not use carburetor heat during the autorotation. The temperature was 64 F and the dewpoint was 52, in the range for serious icing at glide power....