December 2, 2011, Midland, Texas, Beech F90 King Air


At about 0810 Central time, the airplane collided with terrain while executing an instrument approach. The solo commercial pilot sustained serious injuries. Instrument conditions prevailed and an IFR flight plan had been filed.

According to the pilot, the airplane experienced an accumulation of moderate-to-severe mixed ice while on the approach. Subsequently, the pilot elected to execute a missed approach. As the pilot added power, the airplane entered a 90-degree bank to the left. The pilot disconnected the autopilot and attempted to level the wings; however, the airplane then entered a 90-degree bank to the right. The pilot reported hearing the stall warning horn and said the airplane was out of control as it descended from 3300 feet. The airplane impacted a residence approximately one mile from the runway’s approach end and a post-crash fire ensued. The pilot was able to exit the airplane and there were no reported ground injuries.


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