Pattern Entries, Part n+1

Thanks for following up on the traffic pattern entry debate spurred by the FAA’s guidance in its Airplane Flying Handbook (“Traffic Pattern Entries,” February 2024). Special thanks to Jerrold Seckler for following up with...

Just A Few Loose Bolts

It was the latest event in Boeing’s 737 Max saga, which includes two destroyed aircraft and 346 fatalities, plus lengthy worldwide groundings.

Terrain Departures

Departing airports in mountainous areas can mean maximizing your rate of climb into the teens. Know before you go.

Anti-Ice Systems, And How To Use Them

Flight in known icing is one of the challenges of flying equipped aircraft. The systems and their limitations is another.

It’s Only An Inspection

Treat the annual inspection as a chance to learn about your aircraft instead of an invitation for the shop to find problems. / By Mike Berry

Carbon Monoxide Impairment

It turns out we don’t even have to be airborne before CO can enter the cabin and start compromising our abilities.

Traffic Pattern Entries

Making right turns to join left-hand traffic patterns is not a FAR violation because ‘vicinity’ is not defined.