The following is derived from maintenance facility submissions to the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports database.

 Top Ten Tips for Managing Risk

These aren’t pilot secrets, but if your preflight planning tells you some of the risks you’re facing are too great, consider this advice to help mitigate them.

Mitigating Pilot Deviations

Pilot deviations, from minor mistakes to serious errors, have myriad reasons. All can be mitigated with risk management.

Unicom—July 2024

Checking Engine Oil Levels Thanks for the article on preflight inspections (June 2024 Accident Probe, “Preflight Inspections 101”). I know I have not been diligent in looking for liquid spills under the aircraft. I will...

The First Flight After Maintenance Or Inspection

It demands a thorough preflight, and a pilot spring-loaded to abort the takeoff. And maybe stay in the pattern a while?

New FAA Reauthorization Bill Clears All The Hurdles

After missing its own deadline by eight months, Congress got its act together long enough to finally agree on an FAA funding bill. It actually has a few goodies inside.

Spatial D: A Classic Case

Flying VFR into instrument conditions is the way most spatial disorientation accidents happen. Just say no.