Wheel Chock Jumping 101

When you’re not looking, line personnel may secure your airplane for you. Try as you might, it’s not likely you can jump that chock.

NTSB Accident Reports—April 2024

January 1, 2024, Mansfield, La. Beech C23 Sundowner The pilot later reported conducting a normal, full-flap landing to the runway. Upon touching down, the airplane’s nose landing gear collapsed, and a post-impact fire ensued after the...

Flight Training: Fatality Rates Are Improving

A new study shows an improved safety record has resulted from a wide range of industry changes.

Fuel Cap Failures

The following is derived from maintenance facility submissions to the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports database.

Water, Water Everywhere

Our atmosphere’s moisture content affects almost every aspect of flying, from the weather to carb ice to corrosion.

Getting Rid Of Airframe Ice

Whether you left the plane out in a storm or picked it up airborne, ice on the airframe can be a challenge to remove.

Military Training vs. GA

The equipment is different, sure, but so is the standardization, pressure to excel and the adult supervision.