Propeller Problems

The following is derived from maintenance facility submissions to the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports database.

NTSB Dust Devil Warning, Hartzell’s Videos, New ACS

As summer heats up, the NTSB warns of unexpected turbulence in hot weather. Plus, new videos from Hartzell Aviation and the FAA publishes a final rule on practical tests.

Failure To Lean

Low-power/compression avgas engines must be leaned properly to prevent combustion byproduct buildups. 

Flying Tired

Fatigue is a frequent contributing factor in mishaps. Noticing the signs and creating a mitigation strategy are essential. 

Post-Maintenance Flights

You always wanted to be a test pilot. Now’s your chance to show everyone that you have the right stuff.

Iron Hand, Velvet Glove

Freshly frocked flight instructors need experience, just like the rest of us, and they may need to adjust to their new role.

Unicom—April 2024

Military Training vs. GA Good article by Matt Johnson in the April 2024 issue, “Military vs. GA.” The picture of the A-4 Navy Skyhawk is from my old squadron, VA-172 Bluebolts. I also became a...