Flight Training: Fatality Rates Are Improving

A new study shows an improved safety record has resulted from a wide range of industry changes.

Fuel Cap Failures

The following is derived from maintenance facility submissions to the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports database.

Water, Water Everywhere

Our atmosphere’s moisture content affects almost every aspect of flying, from the weather to carb ice to corrosion.

Getting Rid Of Airframe Ice

Whether you left the plane out in a storm or picked it up airborne, ice on the airframe can be a challenge to remove.

Military Training vs. GA

The equipment is different, sure, but so is the standardization, pressure to excel and the adult supervision. 

Your License To Learn

Thanks for J.R. Warmkessel’s March article, “What Now, Captain?” I’d guess most brand-new private pilots have a good idea of what they want to do with their new ticket. If they don’t, one has...

Fuel Follies

There have been some developments in the industry’s quest to shift itself away from leaded fuel, i.e., 100LL avgas. We start in California, where the political push to get the lead out is strongest and...