Wrong Airport, Almost

Even with in-cockpit traffic, CTAF, moving maps and ATC’s help, we can get momentarily lost and disoriented, and forget to cancel IFR.
1979 Piper PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV

Preflight Inspections 101

An engine oil leak is the kind of thing we should look for and notice during a preflight inspection. 

NTSB Accident Reports—June 2024

A monthly summary of recently published NTSB preliminary accident reports involving general aviation and air carrier aircraft.

VFR Corridors

Many Class B or C airport have special VFR routes charted to help us get around or through them. Sometimes, IFR is easier.

Broken-Field Running

Getting there and back can mean abandoning Plan A for a new strategy. Situational awareness is key.

Of Hazardous Attitudes And Aligning The Swiss Cheese

We all want to sound cool on the radio, but shortcuts and word omissions can breed rampant confusion. 

Unicom—June 2024

Air Show Arrivals I have enjoyed your magazine for many years. Your airshow arrival article (April 2024) reminded me of a 2015 experience I had in Salinas, Calif., when I attended an AOPA fly-in there. I...