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Glass-Panel Failures

Failure of a single "steam gauge"usually doesn't affect the others. But with newer avionics, losing a sensor may propagate unexpectedly to other parts of your panel.

In the simulated Garmin G1000 primary flight display at right, at least one behind-the-panel component has either failed or isn’t getting proper data. The exact nature of the failure and its consequences depend on the system, but a plugged pitot or static line can fail the air data computer, and may or may not fail the attitude and heading.
Today’s integrated avionics typically depend on electronic systems for their orientation information, part of the avionics’ attitude heading reference system (AHRS). The AHRS deploys some combination of rate gyros and accelerometers, each of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. Many need supplemental information, both as raw data and as a cross-check for accuracy. For […]
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