Apr. 12, Shawsville, Va. / Beech BE-95A Travelair


At 14:12 EDT, a Beech Travelair crashed near Shawsville, and the four occupants died. The pilot had been given an IFR clearance and had advised the tower that he had Information Romeo, which contained a HIWAS alert for moderate to occasional severe turbulence below 12,000 feet due to northwesterly winds over rough terrain along the airplanes proposed route of flight. The tower controller asked for a pilot report shortly after clearing the flight to climb to 8,000 feet, but the pilot did not respond and the airplane disappeared from radar. The controller said the airplane had reached an altitude of 6,700 feet before he lost track of the target. Pilots in a Cessna 182, Piper Cherokee and Beech King Air all reported severe turbulence in the area at the time. In addition, the airplane was determined to be 366 pounds overweight, and that center of gravity nearly five inches behind of the maximum allowable aft cg.


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