Apr. 14, Lakeland, Fla. / Beech BE-55 Baron and Cessna 172K


At about 11:23 EDT, a Beech Baron collided with a Cessna 172K while on final approach to runway 09L at Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport during Sun-n-Fun. Both airplanes were destroyed. The Baron pilot reported minor injuries and the two occupants of the Cessna also reported minor injuries. A witness said Baron did not make the correct entry to downwind or base leg for landing. The Baron flew the downwind leg at about 1,700 feet instead of 1,200 feet and the Cessna was observed on a low final. The Baron cut in front of another airplane and descended toward the Cessna, overtaking it and colliding with the Cessnas vertical stabilizer and the top of the fuselage. The nose of the Cessna pitched up and both airplanes locked together. The airplanes struck the runway, bounced, and rotated to the right 90 degrees.


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