Apr. 15, San Diego, Calif. / Beech 36 Bonanza


At about 05:18 PDT, a Beech 36 hit trees and power transformers and crashed on a city street near Montgomery Field, killing the two occupants. The airplane was on an ILS approach to runway 28R when the accident occurred. At 05:18, the air traffic controller asked the pilot if he was receiving the glide slope satisfactorily and the pilot replied affirmative. The controller then advised the pilot to contact the Montgomery Advisory Frequency, since the control tower was not operating at this time. At 05:19, the controller issued a low altitude alert for the pilot -mile east of the outer marker. Two witnesses reported hearing an explosion, after which the streetlights went out. One witness said that, due to the dense fog in the area, he could not see the wreckage until he was within 4 yards of it. A review of the FAA records indicates that the pilots medical certificate was administratively denied in July 1994.


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