Apr. 17, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. / Learjet 24B


At about 14:51 EDT, a Learjet 24B suffered a control surface failure shortly after takeoff from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, but the aircraft returned and landed without further incident. A wing flap hinge fitting separated, which resulted in the wing flap binding the adjacent aileron. Shortly after takeoff the pilot noticed the aircraft was in a steep right bank and the copilot was having trouble with the controls. He took control of the aircraft and found that the aircraft continued to roll to the right even with him holding extreme forces on the control wheel to roll the aircraft back to the left. He reduced left engine power and increased right engine power, which resulted in a decreased right bank angle. Postflight examination showed the right wing flap inboard hinge fitting had separated from the wing flap. The wing flap had shifted outboard and the outboard edge of the flap had contacted the inboard edge of the right aileron, forcing it upward and binding it in that position.


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