Apr. 3, Cecilia, Ky. / Cessna 310N


At about 13:20 EST, a Cessna 310N crashed while maneuvering after takeoff from Addington Field. The flight instructor and private pilot were killed. A notebook found in the wreckage indicated that the two had flown together for 3.2 hours the previous day, and a witness said the pilots had also flown together earlier on the day of the accident. They had flown a number of VOR instrument approaches, then landed to top off the fuel tanks and eat lunch. Prior to the accident flight, the witness overheard the pilots discussing engine out procedures and unusual attitude maneuvers. Another witness was standing about -mile south of the accident site when he heard the airplanes engines stop, then restart. The witness looked up and saw the airplane as it was entering a steep left bank – it was probably only a couple hundred feet off the ground. It looked like when you had a leash on a dog – like the left wing was being pulled by the leash. Like it [was being] yanked back. It was real fast, real quick, and then the nose went fast into the ground. The airplane cartwheeled right before it hit the ground. The airplane came to rest with the cockpit almost upside-down. The throttles were full forward, the mixtures were full rich, and the propellers were full forward. A notepad was found on a kneeboard. The top page listed the procedures for engine failure, and also the procedure for a Vmc demonstration.


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