Dec. 12, Gouldsboro, Pa. / Israel Westwind


At about 16:35 EST, an Israel 1124A crashed near Gouldsboro. The two pilots and a passenger were killed. The flight departed Seattle en route for Teterboro, N.J. As the flight began its descent to TEB, it was instructed to cross the Wilkes-Barre VOR at 18,000 feet, which the flight crew acknowledged. The flight was then instructed to cross the MUGZY intersection at 6,000 feet. The flight crew acknowledged the clearance and made no further transmissions. Examination of the crash site revealed the airplane struck the ground at about an 80-degree nose-down, wings level attitude. All of the airplanes major components and flight control surfaces were located at the accident site. Examination of the airplanes maintenance records revealed that an A check had been complied with in accordance with Israel Aircraft Industries inspection guide on Dec. 10, 1999. During the inspection, the left-hand elevator was removed from the airplane, painted, balanced per the maintenance manual and reinstalled.


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