Dec. 14, Lufkin, Texas / Cessna 337 Skymaster


At approximately 14:00 CST, a Cessna 337 was destroyed by fire after crashing while attempting a go-around maneuver on runway 33 at the Lufkin Municipal Airport. The two occupants received minor injuries. Upon entering the traffic pattern for runway 33, the pilot received airport advisory information stating that the winds were from 010 degrees at 6 knots. On final approach to land, he reported that he flared the aircraft late, and the aircraft bounced. The second bounce was really high, the pilot said, with the aircraft drifting to the left. After the airplane bounced a third time, the pilot called for a go-around. The pilot then applied power and the airplane immediately entered a severe left turn with full left yoke deflection, which [he] could not reverse. At this point, the airplane was in a steep left turn, heading 90 degrees left of the runway heading, toward hangars. The pilot then pulled the nose up to try [to] get over the hangars, and the airplane probably stalled. The airplane then impacted the ground left wing down and slid between two hangars. A fire erupted as both occupants exited the aircraft.


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