Dec. 15, Marksville, La. / Cessna 150H


At approximately 17:32 CST, the two occupants of a Cessna 150H were killed when the airplane crashed at Marksville Municipal Airport while the runway was closed for reconstruction. The flight originated from Zapata, Texas, at approximately 09:00, and two refueling stops were made. At 17:32, a witness observed the airplane on a normal landing approach to runway 22 at Marksville. The witness watched the airplane until it disappeared behind a tree line, at which time he saw the tail section go up into the air. He proceeded to the accident site and found the aircraft on top of a large mound of dirt, upside down, heading east. The FAA had issued a NOTAM on October 12 stating that the airport was closed. The airport manger reported (and the witness confirmed) that the runway lights and the rotating beacon were turned off. Preliminary information indicated that the pilot received a weather briefing in San Angelo, Texas, for a flight from Zapata to Mobile, Ala., via Houston, Texas. The FAA said the pilot was not given the Marksville NOTAM during the briefing because the route of flight he provided to the AFSS did not pass through central Louisiana.


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