Dec. 19, Beaufort, S.C. / Beech King Air


At about 20:35 EST, a Beech E-90 crashed during an ASR approach to runway 24 at Beaufort County Airport. The pilot was killed and the copilot was seriously injured. The flight originated from Hilton Head about 13 minutes before the accident. The copilot said they were cleared for the approach on about a six-mile final. The pilot was flying on the instruments, and the copilot was scanning outside and handling the radios. They broke out of the clouds at about 900 feet and were descending at about 480 feet per minute. The ceiling was overcast, ragged and very dark, with no visible horizon. The copilot said he could see some lights but could not see the airport. He looked back inside the cockpit to check the radios and then heard a thump that sounded like the landing gear hitting terrain. The airplane cartwheeled and came to rest inverted.


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