Dec. 20, North Stonington, Conn. / Cessna 152


At about 14:00 EST, the wreckage of a Cessna 152 was found on a private grass airstrip in North Stonington. The ATP-rated pilot, who owned the airstrip, was dead at the scene. The plane apparently struck trees and a stone wall on landing. Fuel was found in the carburetor bowl, but sediment consistent with rust was observed at the bottom of the carburetor bowl. The carburetor finger screen and the gascolator screen exhibited evidence of corrosion but were not obstructed. Examination of the airplanes maintenance records revealed that the airplanes most recent annual inspection was performed in October 1991 at a tachometer time of 380 hours. The airplanes tachometer time was observed to be 406.1 hours at the time of the accident.


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