Dec. 30, Fabens, Texas / Piper PA32-260 Cherokee Six


At 15:05 MST, a Piper Cherokee Six was substantially damaged during a forced landing following a loss of engine power. The pilot and three passengers were not injured, and one passenger sustained minor injuries. The flight originated from Hooks Airport near Houston for Fabens about 5 hours and 13 minutes prior to the accident. The pilot reported to the El Paso approach controller that he was low on fuel and the engine was running rough. Subsequently, the engine lost power. During the ensuing landing, the airplanes left wing struck a sand dune. The person recovering the aircraft told investigators that he drained all fuel tanks. Eight ounces of fuel was recovered from the right outboard tank, which was feeding the engine. The airplane burns 15 to 18 gallons per hour and holds 84 gallons, of which 80 gallons are useable.


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