Dec. 31, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. / Cessna 177 Cardinal


About 17:12 EST, a Cessna 177 struck a bridge during a forced landing near Fort Lauderdale. The airplane was substantially damaged but the pilot and passenger were not injured. The flight originated about 14:35, from the Moss Town Airport, Exuma Island, Bahamas. The pilot said that the flight was uneventful and while on final approach to his destination airport he was advised that customs was closed. He then proceeded toward Fort Lauderdale International Airport and, while flying about 1,500 feet, the engine quit. He noted that the fuel pressure was zero. He applied carburetor heat but this did not restore engine power. He maneuvered the airplane for a forced landing on the westbound lanes of a road. While descending, the left main landing gear collided with a bridge. The airplane then touched down and veered to the left into a guardrail.


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