Dec. 9, Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. / Beech Baron


At about 17:27 EST, a Beech 58TC struck a house in Hasbrouck Heights, killing the four aboard the aircraft and giving minor injuries to two people on the ground. The flight was en route from Hanover County Municipal Airport to Teterboro Airport. Upon arrival in the New York metropolitan area, the pilot requested a visual approach but New York Approach did not approve the request. The controller instead cleared him for the VOR/DME-A approach. The controller then handed him off to Teterboro Tower, which told the pilot he was number seven for landing. Several minutes later the tower controller told the pilot he needed to be at 1,500 feet until established on the left base turn. The pilot acknowledged, but then about one minute later reported he was on the right base for runway 19. The controller asked him what his heading was, and the pilot responded, Im trying to do a 180 to follow that traffic on final. The TEB local controller replied, No sir, I want you overhead and left of the field. Overhead left traffic. Proceed directly to the west of the field, youre turning right into traffic at a thousand feet thats proceeding up the northwest, sir. The pilot replied, OK, Ill call you. The local controller then said, OK sir, I need you overhead the field. I need you directly toward the George Washington Bridge on a 090 heading. The local controller then called a Piper Navajo to advise that the Baron traffic was close, and the Navajo pilot reported the Baron in sight. No further radio contact was made with the Baron. Three witnesses at the approach end of runway 24 at TEB were watching airplanes and listening to the local control frequency. They reported seeing an airplane in a steep right turn, then roll into an immediate steep left turn when the controller issued the new heading to the Baron. As the airplane rolled left, it descended and the witnesses lost sight of it. The pilot held instrument instructor ratings for single and multi-engine airplanes and helicopters. He reported more than 10,000 hours flight time on his last medical application.


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