Feb. 15, Parkertown, Ohio / Piper Dakota and Cessna 172


At about 14:30 EST, a Piper PA-28-236 and a Cessna 172M collided near Parkertown. None of the three occupants was injured. The pilot of the Piper said he was level at 3,300 feet and flying north when he felt a bump. He thought he hit a bird and returned to his departure airport, Lorain County Regional Airport. The airplane had a tire mark on top of the fuselage and damage to the vertical stabilizer. The pilot did not recall seeing the Cessna at all. The Cessna pilot said he departed from Sandusky, Ohio, and was climbing through 3,300 feet for 3,500 feet when he noticed a vertical fin just slightly to the right of the airplane. The pilot said there was no time to take evasive action. After impacting the Piper, the Cessna rolled to the left about 45 to 60 degrees and the pilot felt that he might not recover. The pilot rolled the wings level and looked out the left side of the airplane to see where the airplane he hit had gone, but saw nothing. The passenger door was torn from the Cessna, but the pilot determined it was controllable and flew to his home base in Norwalk, Ohio. Examination of the Cessna after the accident revealed shards of airplane aluminum skin and glass embedded in the bottom of the fuselage. The Pipers rudder counterweight was found in the baggage compartment of the Cessna.


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