Feb. 28, Santa Fe, Texas / Keil Jaeger D-IX


At about 10:15 CST, a D-IX amateur-built experimental airplane crashed after an uncontrolled descent near Santa Fe. The pilot, who built the single-seat biplane, was killed. The flight originated from Hitchcock, Texas, about 10:00. One witness reported that he heard a weird sound, turned around and noticed the left wing break off and the plane flying like a rock. Another witness stated that she heard the sounds of engine trouble, looked up, [and] heard a pop. She further reported that the wing was off and the plane was going straight down. The left upper and lower wings of the biplane were found approximately 200 yards from the main wreckage. The fuselage with both right wings and the empennage attached came to rest in a nose down attitude with the engine buried approximately 5 feet into the ground.


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