Feb. 4, Frisco, Texas / Piper Archer


At 16:54 CST, a Piper PA-28-180 crashed while maneuvering near Frisco, killing the two occupants. The flight had originated from the Aero Country Airport in McKinney about 14 minutes earlier. The pilot and passenger were employees of Beal Aerospace Technologies and were buzzing the business. A Beal employee said he went outside to see two co-workers do a fly-by. He reported that the airplane initially flew in from the east approximately 50-60 feet off the ground, then turned away from Beal Aerospace, and then back toward Beal for a second fly-by. During the second pass, the airplane was even lower than before and the airplane struck trees, a telephone wire and a railroad trestle. Other witnesses on the Dallas Parkway (tollway) reported that the airplane was making very low, high-speed passes over the tollway.


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