Feb. 9, Hartford, Conn. / Cessna 182


At 11:00 EST, a Cessna 182P taxied into an unoccupied parked airplane at the Hartford-Brainard Airport. The two occupants were not injured. The pilot said he taxied the airplane from the north side of a building to the south side. He then set the parking brake and secured the engine to load a passenger along with some baggage. With the passenger and baggage loaded, the pilot started the engine. While the passenger was occupied looking for a pair of sunglasses, the pilot looked down to set the transponder code. With the engine at low rpm, the airplane rolled approximately 60 feet and collided with a Cessna 210. The 182s propeller slashed open the fuel tank of the 210 and showered the 182 with fuel. The pilot secured the electrical master switch and there was no fire. An inspector found no anomalies with the parking brake.


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