Jan. 02, Hogansville, Ga. / Piper PA-34-200 Seneca


At about 16:18 EST, a Piper Seneca crashed during an emergency landing near Hogansville, but the four occupants were not injured. As the flight neared its destination of Columbus, Ga., weather was at minimums and there was a thunderstorm over the airport. The pilot declared a low fuel state and diverted to another airport. The pilot could not get stabilized on the ILS, however, and overshot the airport. He was then cleared to a third airport with visual conditions. On the way, the left engine quit and the prop was feathered. The airplane descended into visual conditions at 400 feet and flew parallel to some power lines in search of a suitable landing site. The pilot landed in the power line right of way but the aircraft was damaged in the process.


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