Jan. 02, Smackover, Ark. / Piper PA-32-300R Lance


At approximately 06:40 CST, the pilot of a Piper Lance was killed when the airplane crashed while maneuvering near Smackover. The flight originated about 40 minutes earlier, enroute from Arkadelphia to El Dorado, Ark. The pilot attempted a visual approach into the Downtown Airport in El Dorado but could not land and was vectored to the ILS runway 22 approach at South Arkansas Regional Airport. The pilot never reported a missed approach or IFR flight plan cancellation and a search was begun. Witnesses reported hearing an airplane fly over their houses numerous times at low altitudes. The wreckage was located two days later in a heavily wooded area six miles northeast of South Arkansas Regional and 10 miles northwest of Downtown Airport. Weather at the time was reported as a ceiling of 400 feet and visibility seven miles.


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