Jan. 10, Conway, Ark. / Cessna 150H


At 13:10 CST, a Cessna 150H was substantially damaged during a forced landing following a loss of engine power near Conway. The pilot and her passenger were not injured. The flight originated from the pilots private airstrip approximately 5 minutes prior to the accident. The pilot reported that, as part of a local orientation flight for her passenger, she intended to land at the Dennis F. Cantrell Field Airport. On a long final approach for runway 25, while the airplane was descending through 1,600 feet msl, she noted that the rate of descent was higher than she anticipated. She tried to add power, but the engine did not respond to throttle movements. Because the airplane was over a residential area, she elected to stall-out the airplane over the trees to avoid impacting the houses. Fuel was found in both tanks, but conditions were right for carb ice.


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