Jan. 11, Kearny, N.J. / Cessna 310R


At 15:49 EST, the pilot of a Cessna 310R was killed when the airplane struck the ground in Kearny. The pilot took off from runway 24 at 15:42:46, after which the pilot departed to the southeast. At 15:46:01, the pilot told controllers, Im having a problem here, no elevator control, I want to come back for a landing or at least attempt [to return for a landing]. The local controller cleared the flight for a left down wind for runway 24. The local controller inquired about the problem the pilot was experiencing and at 15:46:31, the pilot reported, I have no elevator control sir. I just need to [be] able to go into Class B [airspace], if [I] need to. No further transmissions were received from the pilot. The airplane struck a flatcar in the Conrail Trailvan terminal. The elevator trim actuator was found in an overextended position that corresponded to trailing edge elevator trim tab up. The investigation revealed that the accident flight was the first flight following overhaul of the elevator trim actuator. During interviews, the mechanic who performed the work, and the director of maintenance who supervised the work, stated no work had been performed on the elevators or elevator actuator. The investigative team examined the elevator trim actuator and found no discrepancies. Examination of maintenance records revealed that the work was signed off and the airplane was parked outside for several days, during which there was snow, rain and freezing temperatures. A witness reported that the external surfaces of the airplane were free of snow and ice when the pilot departed TEB.


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