Jan. 16, Nashoba, Okla. / Cessna 182B Skylane


At approximately 22:40 CST, a Cessna 182B was destroyed when it struck rising terrain near Nashoba, killing all four occupants. Dark night visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The flight had departed Dallas about an hour earlier and was enroute to Springdale, Ark. Family members of the pilot said he had flown the 2.4-hour flight earlier in the day to attend a family function. Preliminary review of radio communications between the pilot and ATC have revealed no evidence that the airplane or pilot was in distress at the time of the pilots last transmission. Preliminary review of radar tapes after the pilots last transmission showed the airplane in a right descending turn before radar contact was lost about 5 miles southwest of the accident site. The airplane wreckage was found two days later by search authorities in heavily wooded rising terrain near the crest of an 1,800 foot ridge line.


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