Jan. 20, Pacific Ocean / Boeing 747-238B


At about 12:30 hours UTC, a Boeing 747-238B being operated by Continental Airlines encountered clear air turbulence while at FL330 approximately 900 miles east of Tokyo. The aircraft sustained minor interior damage and four flight attendants and 10 passengers sustained minor injuries. The flight, being operated as Continental flight 910 from Tokyo to Honolulu, had departed Tokyos Narita International airport a little more than an hour before the event. The pilot reported that CAT had been forecast for the route of flight, and that the crew noticed a sudden fluctuation of outside air temperature as the aircraft entered an area of wave action. Shortly thereafter, the aircraft encountered turbulence lasting approximately 10 minutes, and resulting in altitude excursions of +500 feet and -1000 feet. The captain reported that the seat belt sign had been illuminated prior to encountering the turbulence.


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