Jan. 20, Plainville, Conn. / Cessna 310


At 09:32 EST, a Cessna T310R struck a fence after an aborted takeoff from Robertson Field Airport. Neither occupant was injured. The pilot said he and his passenger arrived at the airport at 08:00, and that snow was falling during the drive to the airport. The airplane had been preheated before his arrival, and the airplane started and taxied into position to await its IFR clearance. During the takeoff roll and before reaching midfield, the door popped open and the pilot decided to abort the takeoff. The pilot said that braking initially was good but, as he neared the end of the 3,600-foot runway, he was unable to stop or steer. A flight instructor who witnessed the accident reported braking as fair to poor. The airplane overran the runway, went down an embankment, struck a fence and crossed a road.


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