Jan. 22, Deland, Fla. / Stinson 108


At about 15:30 EST, a Stinson 108-3 nosed over after running off the runway during landing at Deland Municipal Airport. The pilot and passenger received minor injuries. The pilot said that, after flying in the local area for about 45 minutes, he returned to land at the Deland Airport. The Unicom operator transmitted that runway 5 was the active runway. He made a visual approach to runway 5 and, while he was on short final approach, another pilot reported that he was on final approach to runway 23. The pilot stated he saw the other aircraft and made a go-around. He returned for another approach and landing on runway 5. After landing he heard another pilot report on final approach to runway 23. He did not observe the other aircraft and became pretty nervous. In his haste to get off the runway, he ran off the runway into the grass and the aircraft nosed over.


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