Jan. 23, Granbury, Texas / Cessna 180J Skywagon


At 10:30 CST, a Cessna Skywagon was damaged during a hard landing following a loss of engine power near Granbury. The two occupants were not injured. The pilot and the passenger reported that during the preflight, the fuel tanks were dipped. The right fuel tank was empty and the left fuel tank contained 17 gallons. The fuel selector was positioned to the left tank for the flight. After 7 to 10 minutes of ground run and taxi time, the flight departed on runway 33 for the Granbury Municipal Airport for refueling. Approximately 2 to 3 minutes after takeoff, the engine started coughing, sputtering, and missing like it was not getting fuel. The pilot switched the fuel selector to the BOTH position and pulled the carburetor heat to the ON position. The engine power was not restored. The pilot selected the Nassau Bay Airport for an emergency landing. The airspeed decreased as the airplane cleared trees and power lines across the approach end of the runway and the airplane landed hard on runway 35. The left main gear and strut sheared from the airplane and the airplane came to rest with the left wing and propeller striking the runway. Following the accident, the pilot and acquaintances drained the fuel from the left tank and removed the airplane from the runway. Subsequently, the airplane was transported to a hangar and stored for further examination.


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