January 11, Parker, Ariz. / Cessna 182 and Grumman Hellcat


At about 1600 mountain time, a Cessna 182H and a Grumman F6F-5 collided in midair about 1 mile east of Parker. The Cessna crashed and the pilot and passenger were killed. The Hellcat suffered a damaged left wing but landed safely without injury to the Hellcat pilot. The Parker Airport was hosting an air show and the Hellcat was participating in a display of warbirds. The Cessna was departing runway 19 with a left climbing turn from the downwind leg when it collided at midfield downwind with the Hellcat that was returning to the airport after an air-to-air photo shoot with another airplane. Witnesses did not recall the Cessna broadcasting position reports, and preliminary inspection of the radios in the Cessna revealed neither was tuned to the CTAF.


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