July 10, 2004, Arlington, Wash. / Starduster SA100DL and Starduster SA300


At about 1735 Pacific time, the two Experimental airplanes collided while taxiing at Arlington Municipal Airport in Arlington, Washington. Visual conditions prevailedSubsequently, the pilots reported that they were to be a flight of two. Starduster SA100DL was in the lead taxiing to the runway with Starduster SA300 in trail. Because of the air show that was going on at the time, Starduster SA100DL was receiving hand signals from the temporary tower controller. The controller signaled the pilot of Starduster SA100DL to stop for other traffic, which he did. However the pilot of Starduster SA300 failed to stop, impacting the left wing of Starduster SA100DL. The latter aircraft suffered substantial damage.


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