June 13, Springdale, Ark. / Cessna 414 Chancellor


At 13:05 CDT, a Cessna 414 was substantially damaged when its gear collapsed at the Springdale Municipal Airport. The three occupants were not injured. The pilot told investigators he heard a small bump as the aircraft lifted off the runway at Springdale, but that it didnt concern him. When he cycled the landing gear up, however, there was a loud bang as the gear locked in the up position. He continued to Danville as planned but, during the approach, the right main gear green light did not illuminate. When he cycled the landing gear there was another loud bang. He contacted Memphis Center and advised them of his situation. Memphis requested that he fly by the Fayetteville control tower for a visual check. During the flyby, the controller advised the pilot that the right main landing gear was trailing. The flight then returned to Springdale, where a mechanic observed a flyby and concluded that the gear appeared to be down, even though the pilot did not have a green light. The pilot shut down both engines when landing was assured, and the right main gear collapsed about 300-400 feet down the landing roll. Examination of the right main landing gear revealed that the gear torque tube support bracket/pivot bearing broke, allowing the gear down lock tube to break by overtorquing.


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