June 2, Friendly, Md. / Long EZ


At 09:37 EDT, a homebuilt Long EZ crashed on approach to Potomac Airfield, seriously injuring the pilot. The airplane departed Clinton, Md., at about 08:30 for a planned flight to Macon, Ga., and was later seen north of Potomac Airfield flying low. The accident airplane appeared to enter a right base for runway 24. The airplane overshot the runway, then turned back and entered a left base for the same runway. A witness said it overshot the final approach course, but corrected with a steep turn, and continued making S turns down final approach. As the aircraft got lower, it pitched up and apparently stalled into trees about 200 yards short of the runway. The airplanes canopy was not found in the vicinity of the accident site but apparently was found about 2 miles away in the Potomac River.


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