March 20, Kingman, Ariz. / Ercoupe 415E


At 09:23 MST, an Ercoupe 415E crashed on approach to the Kingman Airport. The pilot and passenger were killed. The flight originated from Lake Havasu City, Ariz., about 08:30 as part of the Arizona Ercoupe Groups annual Wing Ding fly-in. The initial portion of the flight involved traveling to the Kingman Airport, where breakfast was to be served, and other activities related to the fly-in were planned. Within 10 minutes before and after the accident, other pilots in the group who also entered the Kingman traffic pattern reported moderate to extreme turbulence in the pattern. Several pilots also reported experiencing windshear while descending on the base and final approach legs. A witness reported observing the accident airplanes wings rolling right and left to nearly a vertical bank. Then, as the airplane turned onto final approach it rolled over and rapidly descended. The airplane was found in an upright attitude approximately 0.6 mile north of the approach end of runway 21.


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