March 21, Scottsdale, Ariz. / Piper PA-28-181 and Rockwell NA-265-80 Sabreliner


At 17:25 MST, a Piper Archer and a Rockwell Sabreliner collided on taxiway A while taxing to their respective parking locations at the Scottsdale airport. No one was injured on either airplane. The Archer was substantially damaged and the Sabreliner suffered minor damage. Both aircraft had just landed on runway 21 and were in contact with the tower. The Archer landed first and the pilot was told by the ground controller to proceed southbound on taxiway A to parking. As she approached turnoff A5, the Sabreliner exited the runway in front of her. When it became apparent that the Rockwell was not stopping she was too close and tried to turn to the right to avoid the collision. The Pipers left wing struck the forward avionics bay of the Rockwell and became entangled in the structure. The left wing of the Piper was torn off as the Rockwell moved forward. The crew of the Rockwell stated that the local controller did not advise them of any traffic on the taxiway. The crew said they turned off the runway on A5 and the first officer was looking down at the pedestal changing radio frequencies just as they crossed the hold bars.


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