March 24, Columbia, S.C. / Cessna 150F


At about 18:44 EST, a Cessna 150F lost power on final approach and made a forced landing on an interstate highway. The two occupants were not injured but airplane sustained substantial damage. The flight originated from Enterprise, Ala., 3 hours, 4 minutes before the accident. The pilot said he climbed to 3,500 feet and was vectored around restricted areas. He then climbed to 5,500 feet and cruised at 75 percent power until he reached Macon, Ga., where he descended to 3,500 feet. He then descended to 2,000 feet when he was instructed to contact Columbia tower. He was being sequenced for landing on runway 29 when, about 2 miles from the airport, the engine quit. He made a shallow turn to the right and landed on the shoulder of the interstate, where it collided with a steel grate and the landing gear failed. The pilot checked the fuel tanks and determined they were empty.


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