March 8, North Bend, Ore. / Cessna 421B


At 21:45 PST, a Cessna 421B aborted takeoff from the North Bend Municipal Airport and overran the end of the runway, killing the two occupants. The flight was taking off for Aurora, Ore. Witnesses at various points along the south side of the runway reported that the engines sounded like they were developing full power, and the takeoff roll appeared normal. Four U.S. Coast Guard mechanics were working on the ramp near the end of the runway and reported that the engines sounded normal. One of the mechanics reported that he looked up and saw the aircraft at about 50 feet above ground level, then the engine power decreased on both engines. The mechanic lost sight of the aircraft, but reported that he heard the tires screech on the runway, followed by the sound of the engine power being reapplied then the sound of the impact. The airplane flew about 400 feet over a marshy area off the end of the runway and touched down about 40 feet from the base of the embankment at the other side of the marsh. The aircraft then collided with the embankment and slid uphill.


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