May 16, 2004, Tenino, Wash. / Cessna 170B; Cessna 210J


At approximately 2040 local time, a Cessna 170B and a Cessna 210J collided in-flight. The 170B had departed Roseburg, Ore., en route to Vashon Island, Wash.; the 210J took off from Camas, Wash., with Paine Field, Everett, Wash., as its planned desitnation. There was one occupant onboard each aircraft. The Commercial pilot of the Cessna 210J was fatally injured; the Private pilot of the Cessna 170B sustained minor injuries. According to the FAA, both pilots received weather briefings but neither had requested or were receiving ATC services at the time of the collision. The 170Bs pilot later reported that he never saw the other airplane. A witness saw the two accident aircraft coming together. The witness stated, [I] saw them about five to eight seconds before they hit. Both were straight and level. Neither took evasive action in any way. The witness stated that one was heading north and the other one was heading northeast when he saw them hit and parts started coming at him.


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