May 30, Mesa, Ariz. / Cessna 172P and Super Dimona sailplane


At 08:54 MST, a Cessna 172P collided with a HOAC 36R Super Dimona while both aircraft were on landing approach at Falcon Field. Both pilots were able to land their aircraft. The pilot of the sailplane reported that they had just departed on runway 4R and intended to remain in the pattern to practice touch-and-go landings. He said the tower told him to expect to follow a Cessna taking off on runway 4L and to continue upwind and the tower would call his crosswind leg. He recalled seeing another Cessna which entered downwind from the 45 and recalled following that aircraft but doesnt recall ever seeing a Cessna departing off 4L or the tower directing his attention to that aircraft after takeoff. The pilot of the Cessna reported that he and his student had completed three touch-and-goes in left traffic to runway 4L and were on downwind for the fourth touch-and-go at the time of the collision. He recalled asking his student if he had his traffic in sight and the student identified traffic well in front of them. About that time he heard a motorglider call the tower on downwind. There were at least four aircraft in the airport traffic pattern.


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