May 4, 2006, Lincoln, Neb. / BAE125-800A


Its crew lost control of the business jet on a maintenance test flight at about 1800 Central time. The event occurred while setting up for a stall series at 17,000 feet msl. The two pilots and four passengers sustained minor injuries. The crew calculated that the stick shaker was to activate at 115 knots, with stick pusher activation at 107.5 knots. Aerodynamic stall was expected at 105.5 knots. As the airplane slowed through approximately 126 KIAS, it abruptly rolled off onto the right wing and the nose dropped rapidly. There was no vibration or abnormal indication. The airplane rolled five to seven times, both to the right and the left. After neutralizing the ailerons, the pilot began a higher than normal back pressure pull-out. The flight landed without incident.


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