Nov. 11, Anchorage, Ak. / Boeing 747-400 and Ilyushin IL-62


At 01:33 Alaska standard time, a Boeing 747-400 operated as Asiana Airlines Flight 221 was substantially damaged when it collided with a parked Ilyushin IL-62. The Asiana flight was taxiing to parking after landing at the Anchorage International Airport. The 18 crewmembers and 220 passengers on board the Boeing were not injured. The Ilyushin, being operated by Aeroflot Russian Airlines as Flight 853, contained a crew of 11 and one contract cleaner, who were on board preparing for departure. The crew of the Ilyushin were not injured; the cleaner reported a sprained wrist. The Asiana crew reported to the control tower that braking action was poor during their landing. The parking ramp area had not been plowed or sanded, and one to two inches of dry snow was on the ground. The ground marshaller for the Asiana airplane told the NTSB that he observed the nosewheels turn, but the airplane continued straight ahead, with the nosewheels sliding sideways. The captain stated that he applied right tiller, and right side brakes to turn to the right, away from the Ilyushin and the terminal, but he was unable to miss striking the Ilyushin.


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