Nov. 20, New Orleans, La. / Piper Comanche


At 17:20 CST, a Piper PA-24-260 crashed on approach to Lakefront Airport, killing all four aboard. The aircraft reportedly was No. 2 for landing behind traffic on a right base for runway 36R. It appeared that the aircraft was lining up with runway 27, so the air traffic controller asked the pilot what his intentions were and confirmed that the pilot was to land on runway 36R. A witness observed the aircraft flying slowly at about 200 feet agl. The aircraft began a bank to the left and then a bank to the right. Then the aircrafts nose dropped, and it entered a left turn and descended out of sight behind some warehouse buildings. The airplane came to rest between two warehouse buildings about 2,100 feet from the south end of taxiway Bravo, which runs between runways 36L and 36R.


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