Nov. 22, Defuniak Springs, Fla. / Cessna 172


At about 07:30 CST, a Cessna 172N was damaged while making a precautionary landing in a field, but the pilot was not injured. The pilot said he watched the Weather Channel and then departed Geneva, Ala., at about 07:00 on a local flight with his wife to perform several touch-and-go landings. His wife then got out of the aircraft and he departed for Elba, Ala., where he intended to refuel the aircraft. Upon arriving at Elba, he found the airport fogged in. He then diverted to Enterprise, Ala., and found that airport fogged in. He returned to Geneva and found that airport also fogged in. He then contacted controllers at Columbus, Ga., and Cairns Army Airfield. He flew southeast of Geneva and encountered a clear area, where he informed the controllers that he was going to make a precautionary landing in a field. He landed downwind and the aircraft floated over the intended landing field and touched down in heavy brush and trees.


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