Nov. 26, Newark, N.J. / Beech Bonanza


At about 10:53 EST, a Beechcraft S35, piloted by Itzhak Jacoby crashed shortly after takeoff from Linden. All three aboard were killed and 22 people on the ground received varying degrees of injuries, from minor cuts to third degree burns. IMC prevailed and an IFR flight plan was filed. Records show that pilot contacted New York Departure Control and was instructed to turn left to a heading of 010 degrees, and climb to 5,000 feet msl. A few seconds later, the controller revised the clearance, and instructed the pilot to maintain 2,000 feet. Thirty-five seconds after that, the controller instructed the pilot to turn left to a heading of 270 degrees, to which the pilot did not reply. The controller then reissued the heading, and the pilot responded, I have a problem. The controller inquired about the problem and the pilot responded, I have a gyro problem, maybe some water got in it. During the next minute and a half, the pilot made two more transmissions saying he had a problem, but he did not specify the nature. About two minutes after the pilot initially reported difficulties, the airplane struck a building. Radar data showed the airplane heading east at 1,100 feet when the pilot first reported a problem. Over the next two minutes, the targets ground track changed from east, to north, to northeast, to northwest, and then back to north. During the 20 seconds before impact, the target climbed from 2,100 feet to 2,700 feet, and then began about a 7,800 foot-per-minute descent. Initial examination of both the engine and airframe revealed no pre-impact failure or malfunctions. Three gyros, two gyro cases, and a standby vacuum pump clutch assembly have been retained for further examination.


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