Nov. 28, Easton, Md. / Pitts S-2B and Cessna 152


At 11:15 EST, a Pitts S-2B and a Cessna 152 collided on runway 22 at the Easton/Newnam Field Airport. The two occupants of the Pitts were not injured; the two aboard the Cessna reported minor injuries. The Cessna had landed on runway 22 when the Pitts collided with it from behind. A witness who was monitoring the Unicom frequency reported that she heard the Cessna, but she did not recall hearing the Pitts. Another witness, a flight instructor with a student in the pattern behind the Pitts, said that there were several airplanes in the pattern. He heard the Cessna report turning base to final, but he does not recall hearing the Pitts make a radio transmission.


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