Nov. 3, Seminole, Texas / Cessna Agwagon


At 14:05 CST, a Cessna A188B hit power lines and crashed while maneuvering, but the pilot was not injured. The airplane collided with two north/south power lines suspended approximately 20 feet above cotton fields. The pilot said he was aligning the airplane for the first pass on the 320-acre field that he intended to spray. He was flying west over the field and said he never saw the wires. The two wires struck the top of the windshield, the upper portion of the vertical stabilizer, and the rudder assembly. The rudder assembly was partially ripped from its mounts and jammed the rudder in a marked right rudder deflection. The pilot attempted to continue straight ahead but could not stop the airplane from turning right. Control of the airplane continued to decay as the airspeed diminished and, when he could no longer maintain control of the airplane, he extended the flaps and crashed into the field.


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