Nov. 5, Jacksonville, N.C. / Cessna 150


At about 12:58 EST, a Cessna 150M lost power and suffered substantial damage in a forced landing near Jacksonville. The CFI and the student pilot aboard were not injured. The flight originated from Myrtle Beach, S.C., 1:28 before the accident. The CFI said the student pilot preflighted the airplane and determined the fuel tanks were full before departing on a cross country flight from Jacksonville to Myrtle Beach. They did not purchase fuel in Myrtle Beach and were returning to Jacksonville when the CFI noticed the fuel gauges were near empty. He asked the student pilot again if the fuel tanks were full when they departed OAJ, and he replied they were. The airplane was at 3,500 feet when the engine quit. The CFI turned to make a forced landing in a field, but discovered the forced landing area was a swampy area after he was committed to land. The nose gear collapsed on landing rollout and both wings and the right horizontal stabilizer were damaged.


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